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Are your customers looking to save energy and money?

Tell them about Delmarva Power and Pepco始s energy efficiency programs.

As a business professional, you understand what makes your customers and the community happy. Saving money and staying comfortable are probably on that list.

One way to save money is by saving energy, and Delmarva Power and Pepco make this easier than ever through programs that offer Home Energy Assessments, rebates on efficient appliances, and more.

So share this information about Delmarva Power and Pepco始s energy efficiency programs. It始s a great way to benefit both your customers and the community.


Quick Home Energy Check-up Program

Do your customers want to save energy but are unsure where to begin? Tell them about the Quick Home Energy Check-up program. During a no-cost assessment, they始ll learn how their home uses energy饝亱plus ways they can save. They may even get energy-saving products installed at no additional cost. The check-up lasts about an hour, and it can happen in person or virtually.


Appliance Rebate Program

If your customers are shopping for new appliances, have them look for the blue ENERGY STAR label. They始ll save both energy and money, plus they can grab rebates on products like smart thermostats, dehumidifiers, air purifiers, and hybrid water heaters.


Home Performance with ENERGY STAR Program

Mention this program to your customers in Maryland who want to make their homes more efficient and comfortable. A Participating Contractor will conduct a Home Energy Assessment and make recommendations for energy efficiency upgrades. If your customer completes these upgrades, they can get up to $7,500 in rebates. They might qualify for 12-month 0% interest financing, too.


HVAC Efficiency Program

Replacing inefficient heating and cooling equipment is a great way to improve efficiency. Let your customers know that upgrading old systems with high-efficiency HVAC equipment can reduce energy use, improve comfort, and help them save money.

Share these Delmarva Power and Pepco brochures with everyone you know who finds happiness in saving money!