HPwES Contractor Instructions


Log on to: https://pepcohomecontractor.programprocessing.com

  1. Click on “Customer Log-in”

    If you are a returning user, enter your email address and password and click “Account Login” to continue.  Move on to Step 5.
  2. Click on “Create Account” if you are a new user

  3. Enter user account information.
    • Enter first name, last name, email address
    • Enter n/a for Utility Account Number
    • Create and repeat password (this will be your log in information for all Pepco HPwES sites – Audit, Jobs and Contractor)
  4. Click “Submit”

    You will be taken to the Program Application Center page:
  5. Click on “Apply Now” on the menu bar.

  6. Click “Begin Application”

  7. Click "Add New Contact" and complete Primary Contact Information for your contractor application:
    • Contact type: Primary (main point of contact)
    • Name this Contact: unique name – all contacts will be listed in a drop-down menu as new contacts are created.  This name will help to sort your contacts when entering new jobs.
    • Enter first name, last name and company name
    • Enter address, phone and email
  8. Click "Submit"
  9. Assign the contact you just created as the Primary Contact:
  10. Click "Submit"

  11. Enter all applicable information in the Application:
    • Part I: Enter MHIC, Insurance Certificate, Lead-Safe Certification and website information
    • Part II: Enter BPI and Services information
    • Part III: Check all counties served
    • Verify Disclosure of Prior Suspension or Termination
    • Verify Diverse Suppliers Status
    • Review Participating Contractor’s Insurance Requirements
    • Review and Agree to Agreement
    • Click "Continue"
  12. Your new application is now listed under the Tasks heading on the Program Application Center page.
  13. Click on the application number to continue.
  14. You will be taken to a Manage Application screen.
  15. Click on the icons to upload required documentation to the program

  16. Once you have completed uploading all documents, your application is complete.  An Account Manager will review your file and verify all documentation.  You will receive an approval notice to your e-mail address on file once your application is accepted. 
  17. In the “Messages” section, click on the "Send Us A Message" button to send a note/any questions to the Account Management Team



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