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About Energy Wise Rewards

Energy Wise Rewards is a voluntary program to manage electricity use during periods of high demand, and help customers save money and energy automatically. Customer participating in Energy Wise Rewards help to prevent energy shortages and power interruptions and protect the environment by reducing emissions from power plants.

During peak demand times, generally June through September, Energy Wise Rewards works to reduce electricity use by initiating conservation periods for participating central air conditioners and heat pumps. This decreases the region’s demand for electricity and averts power outages. The air conditioner fan continues to circulate cooled air throughout your home keeping everyone comfortable. Energy Wise Rewards conservation periods occur on Peak Savings Days, and there are typically five Peak Savings Days each year.

As a participant in Energy Wise Rewards, you’ll receive $40 in bill credits, per device, each year you participate. There is no cost and participation is voluntary. Participating in Energy Wise Rewards benefits you, your community, and our environment.

Already an Energy Wise Rewards Participant, But Want a Smart Thermostat?

Current Energy Wise Rewards participants who would like to transition from an Energy Wise Rewards thermostat to a smart thermostat can still participate in the program! Please contact us so your Energy Wise Rewards thermostat can be collected. Then, install your eligible smart thermostat and enroll in Energy Wise Rewards via the Connected Savings portal.

If you have an Energy Wise Rewards outdoor switch and are participating in the program, you should not enroll your smart thermostat in Energy Wise Rewards. You can continue to participate in Energy Wise Rewards via your outdoor switch and enroll your smart thermostat in the Thermostat Optimization Program here.

If you are considering purchasing a smart thermostat through one of Pepco’s energy efficiency programs, please note that not all ENERGY STAR® certified smart thermostats are eligible for Energy Wise Rewards. Be sure to confirm the smart thermostat model is eligible for the Thermostat Optimization Program and Energy Wise Rewards before purchasing it.

Here is a list of Pepco programs offering rebates for smart thermostats.

How to Opt-Out of a Peak Savings Day Event

Energy Wise Rewards participants with a smart thermostat can opt-out of a Peak Savings Day by adjusting the temperature setpoint on the smart thermostat or within its mobile app. Adjusting the thermostat’s temperature will override the Peak Savings Day thermostat settings. It’s as simple as that.

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