ENERGY STAR® New Homes Program

Smart Thermostat Rebates

The Pepco ENERGY STAR® New Homes Program included the addition of a new incentive offering for homebuilders, which started April 3, 2017. In response to increasing consumer interest in smart home technology, the program will provide a $100 rebate for each eligible smart thermostat installed by the homebuilder in qualifying ENERGY STAR certified New Homes.

Current eligible smart thermostats include:

  • Ecobee Smart Si
  • Ecobee 3
  • Ecobee 3 lite
  • Carrier Cor
  • Lennox iComfort S30
  • Nest Generation 1
  • Nest Generation 2
  • Nest Generation 3

New smart thermostats will be reviewed regularly, so consult your program Account Manager if you have any questions regarding devices not currently listed above.

Raters will be required to provide the following documentation for rebate processing:

  • REMRate (or equivalent modeling file)
  • ENERGY STAR Certificate
  • Smart Thermostat Make/Model
  • Smart Thermostat Serial Numbers

It is also requested that Raters capture a photo of each smart thermostat serial number for quality assurance purposes. 

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