Energy Wise Rewards

How the Program Works


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Enroll in Energy Wise Rewards now by choosing an energy-saving device and your participation level. You’ll receive a one-time Installation Credit of up to $80, monthly reward bill credits throughout the summer of up to $80, and your choice of energy-saving devices at no additional cost!

How the Program Works

Energy Wise Rewards works by cycling your central air conditioner or heat pump over short intervals (conservation periods) on selected summer days (Peak Savings Days).

When conservation periods occur, your air conditioner’s fan will continue to circulate air throughout your home. Depending on the participation level you choose, you’ll determine how long your compressor toggles off and on to conserve energy. Your home’s temperature may increase 1-3 degrees during the conservation period—but you can always select a level that’s comfortable for you.

Energy Wise Rewards is only activated during times of high electricity demand, typically from May through October. There are typically 1-5 conservation periods over the season.