Energy Efficient Communities

Looking for ways to make your municipality or government building more energy efficient? Look no further! The Energy Efficient Communities Program (also referred to as the Communities Program) offers funding, technical expertise, outreach, and educational opportunities to local municipal governments, schools, non-profit, religious and other community-serving organizations interested in making energy efficiency upgrades. Apply Now to start saving!

Our energy experts will help your organization every step of the way to identify projects that best fit your needs. Whether it is street lighting, interior/exterior lighting and controls, chillers, commercial appliances, HVAC units, variable frequency drives, or a custom solution, we have you covered.

We offer generous cash incentives that can cover a significant share of project costs. By participating in the Communities Program, organizations can enjoy:

  • Reduced energy and maintenance costs.
  • Increased comfort.
  • Extended equipment life.
  • Budget savings.

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The Energy Efficient Communities Program provides multiple projects to help save you money. Ready to apply? Click on your desired application below:

To meet the Communities Program requirements, you must:

  • Be a county, municipal, city, or town government agency.
  • Be a public school district or publicly funded college or university.
  • Be a non-profit organization, religious institution or community-service organization or facility.
  • Be a Maryland Pepco customer with a commercial electric account.

Not sure if you meet the requirements? Contact program representatives at 1-866-353-5798 to determine your eligibility.

Municipal and government buildings with a monthly energy demand of 100 kW or less can participate in the Small Business Program

To participate in the Energy Efficient Communities Program, organizations must complete the following actions:

  • Identify an energy champion, or the person that will be the main point of contact for the program team, attend required meetings and trainings, and assist with program applications.
  • Develop an implementation plan to identify goals, facilities, measures, and a timeline.
  • Meet with your account executive quarterly to review program details and goals.
  • Receive pre-approval or an authorization to proceed for each project planned.
  • Send at least one member of your organization to complete an Operations and Maintenance Training during the 2024–2026 program cycle.
  • Complete all project work by November 19th, 2027.

Contact the Pepco energy efficiency team, and we will help you:

1. Schedule your kick-off meeting.

Contact the Pepco energy efficiency team at 1-866-353-5798, and a program representative will put you in touch with your account executive. Pepco account executives will assist you in ensuring you meet the eligibility requirements, completing applications, finding Service Providers, providing advice, and guiding you through the program requirements.

2. Identify eligible projects.

Your account executive will help you to develop a list of eligible projects to maximize your budget and energy savings. You can also get a jump-start by viewing our available incentives.

3. Determine your budget allocation

Based on the list of eligible projects you develop with your account executive, the program team will be able to allocate a budget through the Communities program to qualify select equipment for higher incentives. Projects not covered by the allocation are still eligible through other programs including Existing Buildings/Prescriptive, Custom/New Construction, Small Business, Building Tune-up or Business Instant Discounts.

4. Apply for your incentives.

Work with the Pepco energy efficiency team and your Service Provider to make sure all necessary documentation is completed properly so you receive your incentives as soon as possible.

The Energy Efficient Communities Program wants to help your municipality or government building save energy and money. We understand the challenges that come with making changes, so we have compiled a list of funding, training, and other resources you can use to get started.

Sustainable Maryland is a certification program for municipalities in Maryland that want to go green and save money.

The Maryland Energy Administration promotes affordable, reliable, and cleaner energy for the benefit of all Marylanders. It administers grant and loan programs to encourage clean energy technologies in all Maryland municipalities.

Energy Efficient Communities

Interested in More Savings?

Pepco is proud to offer a variety of energy savings programs to fit your business’s needs. Check out our other programs to learn about other ways you can save energy and money.

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Energy Efficient Communities
Energy-efficient incentives and support available for municipal and government customers.

Small Business
Energy-efficient incentives for businesses with energy demands of 100 kW or less.

We Are Here to Help

Have any questions about the incentives, your eligibility, or how to apply? Contact us and we can help you get started today.


EmPOWER Maryland programs are funded by a charge on your energy bill. EmPOWER programs can help you reduce your energy consumption and save you money. To learn more about EmPOWER and how you can participate, click here.