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Improving your business’s energy efficiency helps you save now and for the long haul. Whether you are a commercial, nonprofit, or government customer, small businesses get up to 70% of the total project costs covered by Pepco's Small Business program when upgrading to more energy efficient equipment. You can also get funds to pay for upfront costs. The Small Business Energy Advance is repayable through your electric bill, with zero interest for up to 24 months.

The Small Business program is for businesses that use 100 kW or less per month. Simply check your monthly bill or contact us to confirm you use an average usage.

Small Business Program Overview

We help you achieve your energy efficiency goals—saving you money and energy. To promote comprehensive energy efficiency projects, we provide a broad range of services:

Am I Eligible?

To qualify for the Small Business program, you must:

  • Be a Maryland commercial customer
  • Use an average of 100 kW of electricity or less per month
  • Participate in a complimentary Quick Energy Check-up and implement at least three low-cost/no-cost upgrades
  • Use an approved Service Provider of your choice. (Find a Small Business Service Provider)
  • The account may not be a temporary, cellular, or microwave transmission tower account, or for a vacant building
  • Parking lots, garages, or outdoor signage are qualified only when metered in a Small Business Program-eligible account that includes a building


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EmPOWER Maryland programs are funded by a charge on your energy bill. EmPOWER programs can help you reduce your energy consumption and save you money. To learn more about EmPOWER and how you can participate, click here.