ENERGY STAR® New Homes Program

Resources for Raters

Watch your business grow!

Homebuilders must work with RESNET-accredited HERS Raters that are partners with both the national EPA ENERGY STAR for New Homes Program and the Pepco ENERGY STAR New Homes Program to earn the ENERGY STAR label and qualify for Pepco’s rebates. As a Rater participating in this Pepco program, you will:

  • Be listed as a qualified rater on Pepco’s website to help you generate more business.
  • Access expert training on building science best practices, code compliance, and the transition to ENERGY STAR.
  • Have a designated Pepco Account Manager that will assist you throughout your participation in the program.
  • Earn market differentiation and recognition as an expert in the rapidly growing field of verifying energy-efficient homes.

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