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Energy Wise Rewards FAQs

On Peak Savings Days, select days between May and October, Pepco will automatically initiate conservation periods for participating central air conditioners and heat pumps to help balance the region’s demand for electricity. The more participants in the program, the greater the likelihood of reduced duration for any single conservation period. Energy Wise Rewards works best as a community-wide effort. For participating, you can receive monthly bill credits.

The number of conservation periods depends on many factors, including weather, peak electricity demand, and wholesale energy costs. Energy Wise Rewards is only activated during times of high electricity demand, emergency conditions, or system testing. As such, there may be as few as 2 Peak Savings Days, or as many as a dozen. In a typical year, one can expect 5 or less events.

Conservation periods during a Peak Savings Day typically occur on weekday afternoons and can last anywhere from 2 to 4 hours. If PJM* calls a conservation period (Priority Peak Day) for reliability reasons, it will last until the situation is resolved; therefore, Pepco cannot state how long an event of this type may last.

You may or may not notice that an Energy Wise Rewards conservation period is occurring. The temperature in a typical home may rise 1-3 degrees by the end of a conservation event. Variables such as home insulation, shaded windows, the use of ceiling fans, and the amount of foot traffic can affect the inside temperature.

Yes. To opt out, simply change the temperature on your smart thermostat or in the thermostat mobile application. Most customers will not notice a difference in comfort during a 3- to 4-hour conservation period. The program reserves the right to unenroll any participant that consistently opts-out of conservation periods.

Current Energy Wise Rewards participants who would like to transition from an Energy Wise Rewards thermostat to a smart thermostat can still participate in the program! Please contact us so your Energy Wise Rewards thermostat can be collected. Then, install your eligible smart thermostat and enroll in Energy Wise Rewards here.

If you have an Energy Wise Rewards outdoor switch and are participating in the program, you should not enroll your smart thermostat in Energy Wise Rewards. 

Thermostat Optimization FAQs

You can adjust your smart thermostat settings at any time.

If your thermostat isn’t currently listed as eligible, you have two options:

  • Purchase an eligible smart thermostat or have one installed through Pepco’s other residential energy efficiency programs. Be sure to confirm the model is eligible for Thermostat Optimization before purchasing.
  • Complete the portal application after selecting “My device is not listed.” We’ll keep you updated as additional thermostats are added.

You can enroll any smart thermostat that is listed on the eligible thermostats page even if you have different thermostat brands in different locations in your home.

Pepco, the smart thermostat manufacturers, and Pepco’s partner, Connected Savings, treat all customer data as confidential and will only use your data to implement the program. For evaluation, measurement & verification purposes, your thermostat data may be used in aggregate for reporting purposes to the Maryland Public Service Commission. For further details, please refer to the Smart Thermostat Optimization Terms and Conditions here.

Pepco’s Energy Wise Rewards relies on being able to communicate with your thermostat, which requires a Wi-Fi connection. While temporary outages may not have significant impacts, your thermostat must remain connected to your home’s Wi-Fi to achieve the full benefits of this program. You may be removed from either or both programs if your thermostat is not connected for extended periods of time.

When you enroll and remain enrolled in Energy Wise Rewards, you will receive monthly bill credits from May through October. You will receive $8 per device per month for up to $40 per device per year. Each eligible device must be individually controlling an electric air conditioner or heat pump to receive incentives.

You or someone in your household completed the enrollment steps including submitting your name, email address, account number and/or home address, and agreed to the program terms and conditions.

Ecobee Customers:

If you are an Ecobee customer, you signed up for “Eco +” which enrolls you in Ecobee’s thermostat optimization feature and allows you to enroll in Energy Wise Rewards.

Google Nest Customers:

If you are a Google Nest customer, you signed up for “Rush Hour Rewards” which is Nest’s proprietary name for Energy Wise Rewards. Though different in name, Rush Hour Rewards and Energy Wise Rewards are the same program.

No, Energy Wise Rewards does not make daily adjustments to your thermostat. If you are experiencing daily adjustments to your thermostat, you are likely enrolled in either Ecobee’s “Eco+” or Google Nest’s “Seasonal Savings” thermostat optimization feature. These optimization features use an algorithm to learn your thermostat behavior and adjust temperature setpoints to save you energy while maintaining your comfort.

No, you are always in control of your own thermostat(s). The program does not monitor your thermostat setpoints. The program partners with your smart thermostat manufacturer to send conservation period signals during times of peak electricity demand. Your thermostat manufacturer manages any temperature setpoint adjustments and you are always able to opt out of a conservation period if you wish.


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