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Make your smart thermostat even more efficient through the Thermostat Optimization Program and Energy Wise Rewards™! Your smart thermostat already helps you save energy and money while keeping you comfortable in your home, but you can save even more by optimizing your thermostat schedule and participating in Peak Savings Days.

Thermostat Optimization Program

Pepco is partnering with Nest and Connected Savings to optimize your thermostat. Thermostat optimization is a process that uses your customized thermostat schedule along with local weather and your personal smart thermostat data to learn how your house reacts to various weather conditions. With these insights, your thermostat can automatically make customized adjustments for your home. The result? Additional energy savings while your home remains comfortable all year round.

Learn more about the Thermostat Optimization Program here.

Energy Wise Rewards

Energy Wise Rewards is a voluntary program to help customers save money and energy automatically. The program works by initiating conservation periods for participating central air conditioners or heat pumps on Peak Savings Days, select summer days when energy demand is high. There are typically five Peak Savings Days between June and October each year. By enrolling your smart thermostat(s) in Energy Wise Rewards, you’ll receive $40 in bill credits, per device, each year you participate.

Learn more about Energy Wise Rewards here.


With Thermostat Optimization, your smart thermostat schedule will be fine-tuned to save more energy and money than a standard thermostat schedule. With Energy Wise Rewards, you’ll get annual bill credits by participating in Peak Savings Days when energy demand is high. Enroll in both to combine savings and get the most out of your smart thermostat!

Enroll in the Thermostat Optimization Program and Energy Wise Rewards via the Connected Savings portal here.

Eligible Smart Thermostats

Click here for a list of eligible smart thermostats.

Need A Smart Thermostat?

You can get a smart thermostat through Pepco’s other residential energy efficiency programs listed below. Be sure to confirm the model you choose is eligible for the Thermostat Optimization Program before purchasing or installing. Not all ENERGY STAR® certified smart thermostats are eligible for the program.

Already have an outdoor switch or web programmable thermostat through Energy Wise Rewards, but want to switch to a smart thermostat? Learn more here.

*Nest does not currently have an online enrollment option for their Thermostat Optimization offering, Seasonal Savings. Instead, eligible customers will receive a notification on their thermostat or mobile app allowing them to opt into Seasonal Savings and the Thermostat Optimization Program. To participate in Energy Wise Rewards with a Nest thermostat, you must have an outdoor switch installed. Learn more.

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Eligible Smart Thermostats

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