Energy Wise Rewards for Business

Reduce energy use and keep your business comfortable. 

Energy Wise Rewards for Business is an energy management program for businesses, nonprofits, congregations, and other commercial customers. The program manages peak energy demand by cycling central air conditioners and heat pumps off and on during times of peak electricity use, typically May through October.

When you participate in Energy Wise Rewards, you help prevent energy shortages and power interruptions. You’ll also help protect the environment by reducing emissions from power plants. Plus, by reducing the strain on the power grid, you can help prevent the need to build costly new power plants.

With Energy Wise Rewards for Business, you can receive up to $80 in bill credits your first year.* All program participants are enrolled in the 50% cycling level and can choose their energy-saving device—so you’re in control of your facility’s savings and comfort.


*Credits subject to change in future years

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