Energy Wise Rewards for Business

Need a Device

Choose to save with Energy Wise Rewards and earn up to $80* in your first full year of participation with an energy-saving device that’s right for you.


Device Choices:

Programmable smart thermostat


  • Adjust manually or program remotely through the thermostat app
  • Save up to 10% annually off your cooling and heating costs†
  • Use the app to program a schedule that works for you
  • Compatible with popular smart virtual assistant devices
  • Large color touch screen
  • Professionally installed at no charge

Outdoor switch

An outdoor switch is a small device installed outside, near your central A/C unit.

  • Operates automatically
  • Professionally installed at no charge
  • You do not have to be home for installation if your air conditioner is easily and safely accessible


* Reward bill credits are prorated monthly, May through October. Installation Credit and Annual Reward Credit are awarded per installed thermostat or outdoor switch.


We're Here to Help

Have questions about the devices, your eligibility, or how to apply? Contact us and we’ll help get you started today.