Quick Energy Check-up

Terms and Conditions of Use

Thank you for applying to participate in Pepco’s Small Business Customer Program (the “Program”). The program is a voluntary effort to enhance educational and assessment efforts to promote energy efficiency among the business community, and is subject to change by Pepco at any time.

As part of the Program, we will provide you access to and use of the Quick Energy Check-up (the “Tool”), which can be downloaded from this website or other websites designated by Pepco, once you have agreed to these terms and conditions of use (the “Terms”). The Terms apply to you, the user of the Tool, to any institution or company on whose behalf you are using the Tool (for example, your employer), and to anyone else to whom the Tool is made available including other personnel of such institution or company, and references to “you” refer to each and all of the above.

By clicking ‘I have read and accept the Terms’, you will accept and be bound by the Terms and you represent to PHI that you have authorization from your company to accept the terms and bind the company. If you permit anyone else to use the Tool that you have downloaded, you agree to notify that person of these Terms and ensure they comply with them. If you disagree with the Terms or do not have the authority to accept, you cannot use the Tool.

Complete Quick Energy Check-up Terms and Conditions of Use



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