Home Performance With ENERGY STAR® Program

Get up to $7,500 in Rebates

Following the Home Energy Assessment, your Participating Contractor will recommend a variety of energy efficiency improvements for your home. If you make the improvements, Pepco will reward you with rebates up to $7,500.*

Here’s how it works:

  • Your contractor will give you a Prioritized List of Measurements (PLOM). This list will help you determine which improvements will result in the greatest return on investment and also address comfort, energy, health and safety considerations.
  • You decide which solutions make sense for your home and budget. Your contractor will have you sign a proposal for the improvements and the PLOM, and then the contractor will reserve the rebates for your improvements on your behalf.
  • Once the rebate reservation is approved, you will have 60 days to complete your chosen home improvements.
  • After you have received an approved rebate reservation and reviewed the final scope of work about your chosen improvements, your contractor will present you with a contract to review and sign. Your contractor will submit a copy of this contract with your Rebate Application and signed Terms and Conditions Form. Work cannot begin until both you and your contractor have signed the contract.
  • Once work has been completed, the final energy savings and rebate amount is determined by an evaluation called the Test Out.
  • After the Test Out is complete, your contractor should submit all necessary rebate documentation to Pepco on your behalf within 30 days of installation.
  • Your rebate check will arrive 6–8 weeks from the date we receive the completed application.


You can choose to complete your home improvements all at one time, or you can break the recommended improvements into multiple phases. In order to qualify for rebates, each project or phase of improvement(s) must meet the following criteria:

  • All rebate-eligible measures must be installed in compliance with ENERGY STAR, Building Performance Institute (BPI) and Home Performance with ENERGY STAR Program standards.
  • In order to qualify for Pepco's HPwES Program rebates, each project or phase of energy efficiency improvement(s) must be installed in compliance with ENERGY STAR, Building Performance Institute (BPI) and HPwES Program Standards. 

To get started, find a specially trained Participating Contractor.

*Certain restrictions apply. Consult your Home Performance with ENERGY STAR participating contractor for more details. 


How to Participate

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