HVAC Efficiency Program

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Licensed contractors can receive discounts from participating distributors by selling qualified high-efficiency HVAC equipment. By offering your customers high-efficiency HVAC equipment, you’ll improve customer satisfaction—and your bottom line. 

It’s easy to help customers choose energy-efficient heating, ventilation and air conditioning equipment. If you're an HVAC contractor, simply visit a participating distributor to get discounts on qualifying equipment that you can also pass on to your customers.

Participating Distributors
Advanced Heating TechnologyJohnson Controls dba York International
Air Stream HVAC Distributors, LLCNortheastern Supply
AM ConservationR.E. Michel
Applied Equipment SolutionsR.F. Fager
Balsan Group-Johnstone SupplyThos. Somerville
Carrier Mid-AtlanticT Stats Supply
CrossroadsUnited Refrigeration, Inc.
Daikin Comfort TechnologyWallace Group-Johnstone Supply
FergusonWaterFurnace International
H.M. SweenyYork
HVAC Distributors, Inc. 

Ready-to-Install High-Efficiency HVAC Equipment

To get started, ask your HVAC distributor about high-efficiency equipment options. 

You may be eligible to receive Inflation Reduction Act federal tax credits* of up to 30% of the project cost for high-efficiency ENERGY STAR® certified hybrid water heaters and air source heat pumps (up to a maximum credit of $2,000 per year). For more information, visit these sites: Air Source Heat Pumps Tax CreditHeat Pump Water Heater Tax Credit.

High-Efficiency HVAC and Heat Pump Water Heater Equipment**

Minimum required efficiency levels

Air Source Heat Pump*
Ducted Mini-split Heat Pump*
115.26.7 (Packaged) 
7.5 (Split)
Ductless Mini-split Heat PumpMulti-Zone15.57.5
Single Zone187.5
Central Air Conditioner*115.2




Geothermal Heat Pump (Closed Loop)17.1 EER & 3.6 COP
Smart ThermostatENERGY STAR Certified
Heat Pump Water HeaterENERGY STAR Certified

*Both Single Packaged Units and Split Systems are eligible for ASHP and CAC rebates. 

**Effective for equipment installed on and after April 1st, 2024: The Residential HVAC Midstream program is targeting high SEER2 energy efficient ASHPs, Ductless Mini-Splits, and CACs. The programs will continue to collect SEER2, EER2, and HSPF2 data on the applications, however equipment will only need to meet or exceed SEER2 and HSPF2 values listed to qualify for incentive funds. EER2 does not have a minimum energy efficiency requirement to qualify.


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