GEICO's Got Energy Efficiency Covered

With the help of the Pepco Energy Savings for Business Program, GEICO upgraded the lighting at its headquarters in Chevy Chase, Maryland—a move that improves the company’s energy efficiency, limits its environmental impact, and creates a better overall working environment.

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The Opportunity

  • GEICO's facilities manager, Young Park, has long had an interest in energy efficiency and how it applies to his two primary job functions: maintaining GEICO’s 600,000-square-foot corporate headquarters and keeping the 3,000-plus associates who work there comfortable
  • The company was mindful of its energy use, carbon footprint, and employees’ well-being in deciding to update an outdated lighting system throughout their corporate headquarters

The Upgrades

  • Replaced 7,000 fluorescent lamps with high-efficiency LED bulbs throughout their campus—in the building’s communal spaces, in the hallways that connect the different departments, and throughout the grounds and parking lots

The Benefits

  • Incentives from Pepco’s Prescriptive Lighting Program
  • Projected energy savings of 1,330,560 kilowatt-hours per year
  • Estimated annual cost savings of $159,668
  • Improved maintenance efficiency—because LED bulbs last longer than traditional lamps, staff are free to work on other projects rather than making frequent bulb replacements
  • Reduced greenhouse gas emissions—equivalent to passenger vehicles driving 2,427,023 fewer miles
  • Satisfied employees, who said the LED lighting made their jobs easier

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